Partnership Agreement

Terms of Agreement
You hear by agree to enter into a global Content Production Partnership & Multi- platform Digital distribution with Film Africa TV ,herein referred to as FAT .

Film Africa TV Network supports partner videos on its platform/s through automatically-targeted ad formats and further on various other online platforms. Film Africa TV generates revenues through advertisements / product placements and sponsorships, on behalf of its Artists, Creators and Brands.

Ownership and Control of Content
a – You here by agree for the duration of this agreement to give Film Africa Tv, its subsidiaries and affiliates the full rights to, monetize, manage, distribute, sub-licence, reproduce and edit your content under Film Africa TV.
b – The non-exclusive right to use your name and likeness, as well as to display your trademarks and trade names, if any, to promote your Channel or the FAT Network.
c – You retain full copyright, ownership and control of your own works/content.
d -You retain complete creative direction and control over your Channels and Content.

FAT will provide you with its services and proprietary tools to help you manage your Channel and grow your audience , Multi-channel dedicated programming, Channel management, monetization, partner promotion, channel optimization, Channel Design (Banners/Graphics) Support, Sales, Technical Support, Production support, Multi – platform music/video distribution, video encoding and metadata management.

To be eligible for multi – platform distribution? Your music/videos must be of higher production standards.
Multi – platform Digital Distribution is the distribution of your Music and video content to major digital stores and video networks worldwide.
In exchange, your Channel will become part of the FAT channels in (FILM AFRICA TV NETWORK) and FAT will receive a share of revenue generated by your Channel based on the terms below.

a – You will get 70% of earnings generated by your channels and 50% of your multi- platform digital distribution.
b – Film Africa Tv offers and often does collaborations with its network partners by providing production facilities and/ co – production. Revenue share and ownership is split between partners 50/50. Extra production costs may apply.
c – You will be paid to your bank account, money transfer to Western Union or Pay Pal account /find out more about Pay Pal at Already have a Pay Pal account? When requesting payment please submit to us your Pay Pal email details to enable us to release your payment.

Getting paid?
A threshold applies. This means once your total earnings reaches the agreed set threshold, you can request for your payment to be released, invoice us by email to release payment. Please note there may be a waiting period of less than 30 days before the funds are released and available in your account.
FAT believes in providing freedom to creators. Please set your payment release threshold on the joining form.
You can always check your gross earnings yourself by logging in to your channels and checking the Earnings Reports section on your Analytics pages.
For Multi – platform distribution earnings reports? Please send your request to Please note these reports are not immediately available, there maybe a waiting time of at least 30 – 60 Days.

You are responsible for paying your local taxes.

Content Creation
As a Partner/Content Provider you agree to read and follow all of our's and partners (platforms)’ s Terms , Conditions , Community Guidelines, Content Policy Guidelines and Program Policy Guidelines.

You agree to only upload or submit content that is fully owned and controlled by you e.g.: music, video, images, sound/effects etc.

You agree to put in your best effort to regularly produce and upload new exciting content to your channel. You may not upload Content or attempt to monetize Content that infringes on the rights of others, We want to reach the top and we want to do that together with you.

Be inspired. Promoting any form of hatred/racism is strictly prohibited.

We will provide you with access to helpful instructions videos and other useful
Tools, Tips & tricks aimed at optimizing your channel.

We will by all means possible cross promote your channel and videos by using (parts of) content, when we do so we will always mention you on credits and /use annotations linking to your channel aimed at building/directing traffic to the channel and growing subscriber base.
In order to show advertisers which channels are part of our Network, you agree to reasonably comply with promotional requests made by us from time to time .These requests may include but not limited to :
Placement of the following on your Channel: FAT logo or network branding; playlist; featured channels; video interstitials or end-slates; and
Cross-promotion of  our Network on your Channel: annotations, links, and other cross-promotions which may be implemented by manual or automated means. You may always opt out of such promotions. Partner for success.

You are liable for any content you upload on your channel/s. no infringing content.

Term & Termination
The Term will continue to apply until terminated by either you or Film Africa Tv as set out below. (a) If Film Africa fails to provide its services to you as agreed and, or fails to remedy those services after being notified by you within 60 days of notice being given'' you will have the right to terminate your legal agreement with Film Africa Tv. You may do so by (a) notifying Film Africa at any time and (b) closing your channels/accounts. Your notice should be sent electronically emailed to

Film Africa reserves the right to terminate this agreement at anytime (which may occur in its sole discretion).
Film Africa may terminate its legal agreement with you if: (a) you have breached any provision of the Terms or (b) have demonstrated no interest in complying with the provisions of the terms.
Termination for breach of contract is immediate
In case you breach the agreement?, A notice will be saved allowing you the chance to remedy the situation. However in case of a material breach you understand that there may be no other option for us than to terminate the partnership and remove your channel from our network.
FAT will provide notice to Provider, generally within 30 business days. All granted in this Agreement will expire upon termination'', properties, channels, Social Networks and websites created under the agreement will remain property of Film Africa Tv.

From Time to Time we will keep you updated with new policies and practices.
This agreement can be update and changed from time to time. so please revisit our terms and stay up to date with our terms.

You agree to keep the terms of this Agreement strictly confidential.
Each party represents and warrants that it has authority to enter into the Agreement.
Provider accepts this Agreement on behalf of itself or such other person or entity for whom it serves as an authorized representative.
You should print off or save a local copy of these Terms for your records.

Helpful Links
FAT Network
Film Africa Web:

By signing this form, you confirm that you are of legal age or that you have approval from a parent or guardian.

Once your application is received, the Network Manager will review your application. And once accepted you will receive an email invitation asking you to join Network. Accept the invitation and you will automatically become part of our network, you can then login into your account and verify your partner status and begin monetization and earning straight away.

Age Restriction : Minors 13 -17 must seek parental consent.

Confirm Age
I confirm that i am over 18 years of age and/ i am legally allowed to enter into this agreement my parent/guardian has granted me permission.

By accepting your channels for monetization, you agree to have read , understood and be bound by the terms of this agreement.

Dated : December 2015.